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Having Trouble Sleeping?

If you are having troubling sleeping you may have some foods in your kitchen that can help you out before reaching for an over the counter sleep aid. 

Chamomile Tea promotes sleepiness through the antioxidant apigenin.  
Walnuts are high in melatonin. 
Pistachios are high in B6 and melatonin. 
Spinach is high in magnesium.  
Eggs are high in glycine and l-tryptophan
Kiwis are rich in serotonin.


Now don’t think you have to consume all of these foods prior to going to sleep at night.  Incorporating these foods into your diet will simply give you the nutrients you need to help you both fall asleep and stay asleep!  Just like any other health concerns, what we eat plays a large role in how our bodies function and feel. Take a look in your own kitchen before buying an expensive over the counter sleep aid!