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Let's talk about GUT HEALTH

Research has shown that 70+% of our immune system is in the cell walls of our gut.  If that's not enough to make you stop and think about what quality of food you are putting into your body, I don't know what is!
With the current on goings in all of our lives it is important now more than ever to consider our own gut health.  First, let's highlight what contributes to an UNHEALTHY gut.  Poor gut health (and as a result, compromised immune system) is the result of a lazy diet consisting of processed foods, refined foods and added sugars. As well as, stress, poor sleep quality, antibiotics, excessive alcohol consumption and tobacco use.  
Now let's talk about the good stuff-probiotics and prebiotics.  Probiotics are foods that contain live bacteria that very similar to what already lives in our gut. More good bacteria in our gut creates a happier and healthier gut biome.  Prebiotics are high fiber foods like fruits, vegetables and grains that act as food for the probiotics.  A healthy combination of both pre and probiotics in our diet is the least we can do for our gut and immune systems AND the healthier our gut becomes the better it can handle your cheat meal or extra glass of wine on Friday night during quarantine ;)
Here is what I have in the house- 
Others not pictures - Chicory root, dandelion greens, artichoke, leeks, barley, flaxseed, Burdock root, Yacon root, wheat bran, seaweed, 
Greek Yogurt - contains two probiotic strains Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei that may increase the the good bacteria in your gut
Kefir - has twelve live and active probiotic cultures and is 99% lactose free and can usually be drank by those with lactose intolerance with no problems 
Kombucha - fermented black or green tea with live bacteria beneficial for the gut
Pickles - must be picked in salty water and fermented, pickles made using vinegar do not have the same benefits
Sour Cream - (some sour cream) contains bacteria and yeast known to increase digestion
Others not picture: Miso, tempeh, saurkraut, kimchi