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Unprepared vs Prepared

When we are unprepared for our days/weeks we often put ourselves in a more stressful situation that leads to poor food choices. If we are on the run and have no food on hand we are at the mercy of what is around us to fuel our bodies. Now this doesn't mean that there aren't healthy affordable choices to be made, but they are for sure more difficult.
Stress about what to eat
More likely to make poor choices
Tendency to spend more money
Less stress
Know exactly what we put in our bodies
Save money
When we allow our blood sugar levels to drop too low between meals, craving set in. Whether it be salty snacks or sugary treats, our stomach and brain start talking to us. Now factor in the limited time you have before you need to find food and get back to your day. You can see how a quick trip for fast food or the venting machine is easier and more convenient. So now you have satisfied your hunger with processed high sugar foods, but at what cost? While they may have tasted good in the moment, you now don't feel so great and on top of that these foods are generally low on nutrients, so we are likely to be hungry again sooner!
Now if we take the time to prepare our meals physically and financially (or have them prepared for us), it takes a large amount of stress out of our days/weeks. We have food ready to go when its time to eat, we know its nutrient dense, we know it's going to hold us over until our next meal and we know we are going to stay on track!