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FreshPrep360 Closing

We wanted to let you know that sadly we have decided to close FreshPrep360 permanently. The continued increase in food, fuel and materials along with not knowing when costs will decrease have made it unviable for us to keep running the business. We are so thankful for customers like you who have supported us over the years.

We have been a part of North Shore & Boston community for the last three years, donating thousands of meals to first responders and others in need. We have shared life changing stories with customers during happy and difficult times. We must tell you that we did everything on our part to keep it operational over the past twelve months because we cherish our partners and customers.

We understand that you have been an important customer to us, and we are so sorry to inconvenience you with the closure. Our last delivery will be in two weeks, Monday August 15th. If you have any further concerns regarding anything, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Michael at michael@freshprep360.com. Our team is always happy to be at your service. 

Who knows….Maybe one day we’ll be back! :)

Until then, thank you so much again for your business and support,

The FreshPrep360 Team