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FreshPrep360 Nutrition

A deeper look into what you are putting in your mouth!

We are a local company on the North Shore of Boston! We work closely with local farms to create the highest quality meals to provide to our loyal customers. Our meals are Non-GMO, picked and purchased at it's freshest state and meats are never frozen.

It's no secret that when we eat good quality foods, our bodies feel the benefits. When we eat poor quality foods, we feel pretty crummy, it's not rocket science.

With FreshPrep360 you'll never have to worry about quality. When you enjoy our meals, you can do so stress and guilt free! Relax, you made a great food choice!

What's the deal with the 360?

We are lucky enough to live in an area with access to nutrient dense foods year round. At FreshPrep360 we recognize that there is no 1 diet that is the "healthiest" or "best" to follow. The “best” diet is the one that works best for you, is sustainable and makes you feel great.  We understand that there are lots of different diets out there and we can accommodate you.

Do you eat Paleo?

Are you trying to follow the Keto diet?

Are you trying to eat Low Carbohydrate?

Are you Vegetarian?

Or are you just trying to eat Clean?

All of our meals are prepared without food additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, added sugars or treated with pesticides.

We have you covered, we can accommodate any and all food plans 360* around your plate!  

Let's take the stress and guilt out of eating and let us do the heavy lifting. We have your back with our best intentions and your best interest in mind! 

-The FreshPrep360 Team