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What Customers Are Saying About FreshPrep360

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Love it!

Delicious food and very responsive to emails and help!


The ease of these healthy, delicious meals being delivered to my door each week has truly been a life changer. Lost weight,more energy,sleeping better and reduced the stress of what to eat/prepare each night. The owners and staff are responsive to any issue I’ve had..usually getting back to me within 15 mins. Wonderful local business!!

18 Meals Per Week $9.75 Per Meal

Great service

Meals are delicious and love the free delivery. Only thing I would improve is the timeframe to choose new meals - cut off 6 days before delivery is a big long to have flexibility.

New Subscriber

I have been receiving meals for 3 weeks. I previously subscribed to another meal plan. for about a year. FreshPrep 360 is far superior to my previous plan. The meals are tasty, fresh, well packaged and easy to prepare. I particularly like the fact that this is a local company. Packing materials are easily recycled through the delivery service. Deliveries have been on time. Great service!

Outstanding, Filling, Healthy!

Outstanding! Filling! Healthy! Those are the first three words that came to my mind when starting this review. The first impression (which is important) when I got into my car was, "No fish smell". Which, for anyone who loves or knows fish, it should not have a strong scent or scent at all. Win! The salmon was a very generous sized piece. In fact I had to leave a few bites on the plate. For the crust, the nuttiness of the pistachios paired amazingly well with the sharpness of the mustard and the crust held together very well and did not fall off the salmon, even when breaking pieces off with a fork. I loved the coconut rice; smooth and light, not butter or oil laden and for the sweet potato mash, YUM! Delicious and like the rice, not thick with butter. I did give the rice and sweet potatoes a little heat in the microwave when I got home due to making some stops along the way, but did not need to heat the salmon. It was amazing just a little above room temperature. Great job Darren and Randy and team! I enjoyed a wonderful meal which would have cost me well over $25.00 for the entree in a restaurant. Enjoyed it with a glass of white wine. I will be back for sure.

Meal review

Overall very pleased with meals. Prompt delivery on Tuesdays. The jerk chicken and turkey tips meals have been outstanding!

Great Food Freshly Prepared

As the restaurant name implies, the food is freshly prepared by incredibly nice people and delicious. There is a wide variety of dishes available everyday. The pulled pork and beef chili are wonderful, the pork making a great base for tacos.

Best gluten free food around

I was impressed when I read the menu and couldn’t wait to give it try. I was blown away with the portions , options and flavorful food. I have struggled to find gluten free food that is “good” . This place blows me away !! So many options and taste is home style x 2. If you are looking for gluten free or just eating better I highly recommend Freshprep360! You get your moneys worth, fill your belly and feel good after !!!


Food has been good to great the service is much more personalized than other services we have used. Plenty of selections Priced well also

Delicious - Well Portioned - Healthy - Heat & Eat!

I'm working my Noom program and have lost 10 pounds so far in the last month.
The meals from FreshPrep360 are absolutely delicious, completely filling, so convenient and help me stay within my daily calorie count.
And when I get low blood sugar, I get HANGRY and RAVENOUS, so being able to eat a meal quickly gets me back to normal without overeating.


Every option I tried was delicious! Super easy. Healthy options. Loved everything! Thank you

Great meals at a great price

Fresh Flavorful Healthy Food

The food was delicious and very flavorful. It’s easy to reheat but tastes freshly made.

I am the type of person that is always on the go. Planning meals is the last thing I do. Because of that my health has suffered. These meals allow me to eat healthy and keep up my pace. I’m down 35lbs since October 18. FreshPrep has been a huge asset. Thanks!


One of my favs. A Simple, Light flavorfully delight. I order multiple of these each week.

28 Meal Plan
Matt Stella
Over and above

Our experience with FreshPrep360 was outstanding. They accommodated our needs for a big and complicated order, with service that was over and above. The food was fresh and delicious, just as it sounded in the menus. I will be using FreshPrep360 for a very long time. Thank you Michael and the amazing team!

Dinners are winners!

Love the menu choices and delivered right to my door. I pop a meal in the microwave and 90 seconds later it is ready to eat. Seriously, better than meals I gone out to resturant’s to eat. Also, the price makes them an excellent value.

Life Changer

I’ve been ordering 8 delicious healthy meals per week for 3 months now! I’ve saved money, lost weight and reduced stressing of grocery store shopping and what to cook/take out.The meals are incredibly delicious with so many choices! My life is better with FP 360!

FreshPrep360 is the way to go

I have been using FreshPrep360 for a few weeks now and after having tried some other meal delivery services, FreshPrep is clearly superior. The food is clean and healthy and always makes me feel good eating it. My husband and I are very pleased with the meals. One suggestion I have is that you have to be mindful of how many calories are in the meals when you buy them. We have found that a 500+ calorie meal fills us but anything less than that doesn't and is probably better suited for someone with goals of weight loss. Overall, we are pleased and plan to be FreshPrep customers for a while now.


Tasty, fresh and healthy! Perfect delivery. I’m very pleased with the meals!


Prompt delivery. Well packaged but not waste fully so. Meals have been delicious! I prefer the dinners/mains to breakfasts tho. Can’t wait to try more!

8 Meals Per Week $11.25 Per Meal