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What Customers Are Saying About FreshPrep360

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Great tasting fresh food

I ordered because my Husband had recently been diagnosed with Diabetes and I wanted to make sure that I was feeding him the right food. He greatly enjoyed each meal that I had picked for him. They were convenient, packaged well with expiration dates and extremely easy to heat. Overall everything was great! I highly recommend them.

Fresh & Tastes Great!

We've tried a few salmom meals & we are very happy with the delivery & packaging, the sufficient meal portions, & both the freshness & great taste. The meals arrive with easy meal cooking instructions & we plan on ordering more meals in the future. Wish I had heard of them months ago!

8 Meals Per Week $11.25 Per Meal

Meal Review

I have been getting meals since the end of December. I was surprised that each meal was enough for my normal appetite. I have like all the meals except 1. I think it was that I am picky about that particular protein and it was not up to my liking - not that it tasted bad. I just saw the new meals you have come out with or replaced. For my next order, I am trying 3 of your new meals. Two of the meals you replaced were my favorites so hoping these new meals will be just as good. I love the freshness of your meals and how they do last for about a week. Having fresh meals delivered to my door weekly has save me a lot of time going to the store to buy the ingredients and from having to cook after a long day at work.

Quick, easy, tasty

Well balanced meals. It’s reassuring to know what am getting a balanced diet! And the meals are really 😋 tasty!


The meals have been really helpful for providing some healthy food and variety to my family during a time when we’ve been overwhelmed and it has helped a lot to take some work off of our plates!

Excellent service

I absolutely love the food! Great price and and excellent service.

Chickpea Fritters w/cauliflower Rice &Veggies

Both my wife and I enjoyed this excellent meal. We are new customers looking forward to trying others. Site user friendly delivery efficient and timely. Thank you. Bob and Kathy.

Really good food, really great service!

The food is, indeed, very fresh, and delicious, and lasted as advertised. I froze one meal and it was also very good after such abuse of fresh food! The website works well, and I feel in control over what I order and when I don’t want to.
I am in the middle of a kitchen renovation and so cannot cook for myself. This has been a godsend for me. Rock on Michael!

Tasty, nutritious & convenient

These meals are so nice to have on hand. I was always buying lunch out when I went to work but now I can just grab one of these meals, bring it to work and heat it up!! The food was always tasty & is nutritious as well! I am a Dietitian and recommend this company! Their meals will fit a lot of diets/lifestyles as well from diabetic friendly meals to vegetarian meals. They are always fresh as well. Highly recommend.

Jack Daniels Bourbon Honey Steak Tips with Cauliflower Rice, Snap Peas and Carrots

Great Food - Great Service!

We've been subscribing to FreshPrep for a few months and it never disappoints. With frequent seasonal updates to the menu - there's always something new and delicious to try.

A Pandemic Lifesaver

Shortly after the pandemic started, I found out about FreshPrep360 and it has been an absolute lifesaver for me. Every week I’m getting delicious, healthy and very reasonably priced meals delivered to my door. They only take 90 seconds to heat and serve which has been fabulous as well. It’s made life so much easier for me during a very stressful time.

Meals for aging grandparents

We have just started using FreshPrep360.
My elderly but independent in laws live near by and I have been trying to offer them meals etc. Instead of me having to cook extra and have everything ready for them, FreshPrep is much easier. This way they get nutritious meals and a variety of options.
We are hoping to “hook” them on this plan.
We tried a couple of your options and found them to be yummy. I also love that there is no prep! Just heat and serve.

Great food and Service

Meals are appropriate portions and thoughtfully put together. The spinach pesto and pasta was delicious ( but wish there was more pasta and less veggies). My husband is a big fan of Mongolian beef!

4 Meals Per Week $13.50 Per Meal

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Strips with Brown Rice, Corn, Yellow Onions, Zucchini, Red Peppers & Blue Cheese Crumble

Delicious and healthy

Very convenient and everything has been really good!

Highly recommend!

We love it! Easy to use website and delivery service. All of the meals habe been delicious, fresh, healthy, and easy. Perfect for a family with a newborn :)


We are so beyond pleased with our orders. The entire family looks forward to the weekly deliveries. Everything is cooked perfectly. The steak tips tastes like they just came of the grill!

4 Meals Per Week $13.50 Per Meal

Grade: A+

I highly recommend FreshPrep360 for three simple reasons. #1: Quality #2: Taste #3: On-Time.


I really enjoy the convenience of receiving each wonderfully prepared meal. So easy to prepare and each meal taste like I just ordered it from a restaurant. Nutritious and enjoyable to eat. I’m very pleased and satisfied with every meal that I have had!

Excellent Meal Service

I ordered these for my father and he loved them. He really doesn't like to cook so we wanted to find something that's healthy that he could just heat up. Everything tasted great. All the ingredients were incredibly fresh and the sides complimented the main part of the meal perfectly. I highly recommend this meal service.